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Our Company is a proven full-service security consulting firm

Our Company's security assessments leverage our extensive knowledge of current security vulnerabilities,
penetration techniques and people development best practices to enable customers to secure their property against ever-present threats.


Our Company's security
assessments leverage our extensive knowledge of current security vulnerabilities, penetration


Supervisors are measured on an hourly basis. Representatives are hammered about it when their average handle time get too long. In some cases, there are written guarantees with customers to ensure a certain service level.


Growing Stronger of SAS Solutions four-year (2012-2015) with 4 branches to build a better specialist security service provider. The concept, developed following consultation with clients, carers and service providers, provides an easier and fairer way for our clients to get the services that they need.


Security-level 2 Our executives have become concerned about advancing threats and are putting pressure on the operations department awareness to step up their efforts to protect the clients business.

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Security Services For a Global Clientele

Security Expert Witness

Our advisory team is security expert witness in litigation matters.

Litigation Support

We are combination of project management and technology.

Ethics Training

We are strict to identify and deal with ethical problems developing their moral intuitions

Crisis Management

We will be apart of your process by which an organization deals with a major event.

Premise Liability

We are provided AIG-Professional Guard policy to cover our services

Litigation Avoidance

Here, we will examine what goes into a litigation avoidance analysis and discuss some basic things companies can do to reduce the risk of becoming involved in costly.

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Professional, Independent Security Consultants

Peerawatch Noipum-Managing Director

Peerawatch has been a trailblazer experience in the security world since he was a teenager. At just 19 years old, he took the reins at the Royal Household Aviation Security and supervised more than one-hundred employees, 1991 joined the anti-Iraq coalition and contributed forces to the military buildup, in Saudi Arabia. 25 years experiences as executive in the largest global security company. 2006 certified MCSE and Graduated IT from India. He took the firm from its struggling position in the marketplace and built it into one of the most recognized brands. SAS Solutions now has 4 nationwide branches and has contracts with luxury residential, major hotel and resorts, utility companies, and many others.

Monthita Boonlertrop Director of Operations

Starting a business is hard, and the difficulties often are compounded when you are a young person beginning the entrepreneurial journey. There are many moving parts and resources you need but may not have access to. At 36 years old, Monthita started a successful security service business that she ran into the ground. What could have been a great business turned into a nightmare because she never ignored some important principles of entrepreneurship and life. She always take in 5 basic roles / You do not know everything / Do not waste money on material possessions./ Filter who you let in your life./ Stay humble./ Embrace what makes you unique.

Maneerat Charoenkarn Director of Finance

Meneerat get two bachelor's degree in marketing and accounting from the famous University, She turn to the business with her faithfully and investment on the SAS Solutions since the beginning. In the beginning, everyone said it would never work, recalls Maneerat. She knew that several start-ups had tried and failed to develop effective means of delivering service with confidence to our clients. The competitors shop our customer all the time, and that made this a valuable problem to solve

Jinatta Suwannaputree Manager-Business Development

Business Development Manager, like a Brand Ambassador is responsible for providing outstanding customer service, establishing and maintaining customer relationships, working effectively with other team members and enroll new customer accounts, while demonstrating consistent adherence to company standards and procedures. Additionally, Jinatta will drive the business by focusing on client development, communication initiatives. At SAS Solutions, part of my jobs is responsible for driving their business and creating our own success.

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